This page computes, shows, and converts geographic (GPS) coordinates using formats degree, minute, seconds, decimal degree, UTM (WGS-84), and geohash. It determines the time zone from coordinates and displays the times of sunrise and sunset for every place on earth. Elevation data is available for selected regions.

Determine the coordinates of a point at the map: Mouse click at map. The coordinates are displayed in the form at the left side.

Display point with known coordinates: Enter coordinates into the form and click at >>. The red marker shows the position in the map.

The program recognizes the following input formats for latitude and longitude:

degrees decimalminutes
50° 9.6804′ N
degrees minutes decimalseconds
50° 9′ 40.82″ N

The hemisphere (North/South, East/West) may be expressed by the trailing letter N, S, E, W or by a leading minus sign for south or west.

Search address: Type address and press Enter. Map and coordinates are updated.

Convert coordinates between decimal degrees, degrees/minutes/seconds and UTM and geohash: Enter coordinates into the form and click at >>.

Change map position: Mouse click into map and drag or click on arrows.

Zoom map: Move scroll wheel or click on + - or slider.